Course how to format and reinstall Windows (U$D)


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Course duration: 9 hours, 63 minutes.
MB amount: 3599 (3.6 GB)

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What will I learn in this course?

In this course we will teach you step by step how to format and reinstall Windows showing you the necessary tools and some tips to avoid problems along the way.




1- How to fix a computer when it does not turn on
2- Detects when the hard disk is dead or dying (nodding)
3- How to change the hard disk of a notebook?
4-8 common problems when the pc does not turn on
5- How to check the FAT hard disk (File allocation table) and surface (hard disk regenerator)
6- Three types of SATA IDE to USB adapters (Copy data without disassembling your PC)
7- How to test diagnose RAM of your PC
8- How to configure BIOS to boot dvd or dvd pendrive
9- Boot – boot from USB without BIOS support
10- How to configure HP Award Motherboard PC BIOS
11- Boot prize configuration BIOS setup – DVD – Pendrive – Hard disk
12- Use and explanations of the MSI BIOS all functions
13- A pendrive with windows or linux in 2 steps has been started for a long time
14- 5 fundamental things before installing windows (server – desktop)
15- How to install windows on a notebook
16- Install Windows 7 from scratch without formatting the PC (Without losing data)
17- Windows and precautions – Tips
18- Activating windows 7 legally (by phone)
19- Install XP mode and old programs in Windows 7.
20- How to upgrade windows home to professional
21- How to activate the AHCI mode in the BIOS to speed up your hard drive
22- Differences between NTFS vs fat32 vs ReFS partitions
23- How to repair windows when it does not boot and recover data
24- Disarming and updating PC Hp memory and hard disk
25- Delete the password of Windows 7 XP Vista users with active password changer
26- Windows 8 – Big changes
27- The 5 common functions between operating systems – PC Technician Course
28- The operating system execution points – Windows OSX Linux – PC Repair Course
29- File structures in Windows, Linux, OSX operating systems



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