Full Course Cell Repair (U$D)


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Full Course Cell Phone Repair

Course duration: 11 Hours, 17 Minutes.
Number of MB: 54736 (54.7 GB)

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We offer you a Course that has 48 videos in which we show how to repair different cell phone models.


Exclusive Content:

  1. Android vs Iphone client
  2. Cellular brands that should be repaired
  3. Entry level vs high-end
  4. What cell phones should be repaired?
  5. From novice to professional and master
  6. The client must save the data before the repair of the cell phone or PC
  7. How to care and maintain – Body – mind – soul – family and money
  8. How to get known and publicize your business or entrepreneurship
  9. How to deal with the clients of the 90s in computer science

PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)

  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 change gorilla glass screen (service display screen)
  2. Why repair the cell phone with or without gel? theoretical class on Samsung Galaxy
  3. Important when buying Gorilla Glass for Samsung Galaxy Series.
  4. Basic tools to disassemble a cell phone KIT tool
  5. How to get the glue on the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note I and II, etc).
  6. Precautions when changing the glass gorilla of the galaxy s3, note, etc
  7. Keep your cell phone charge all day (pocket charger).
  8. How to increase the battery life of your galaxy with just a few clicks!
  9. Galaxy full screen change s4 (full display frame replacement)
  10. Scratching cell phones with glass gorilla testing resistance
  11. Use infrared thermometer to change gorilla glass of cellular
  12. change glass gorilla glass iphone 5c
  13. Placing the GLUE UV LOCA in galaxy S3 step by step (glue)
  14. Review riffbox box for cell phone and electronic repair
  15. Removing the label from the cell phone without breaking it
  16. Placing the UV gel glue LOCA in galaxy S4 step by step
  17. Quick solution when your iphone does not charge
  18. Changing broken glass gorilla glass galaxy note 3
  19. Removing glue uv gel in cell phones gorilla glass
  20. Change the flex pin port of the galaxy note 2 charge when your cell phone does not charge the battery
  21. Use of separator plate lcd glasses gorilla glass for cell phones
  22. Check the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy cell phone (display touch)
  23. Change of the galaxy fame touch glass (touch gorilla glass)
  24. UV Gel glue remover solder (cell phones and tablet)
  25. Changing Galaxy Note 2 silver-plated case (when unpainted)
  26. Change screen LCD display nexus 4 LG e960
  27. Flex extension of mobile screens
  28. Disassembly and change of LCD screen LG G2 d806 D802
  29. How to change motherboard galaxy s3 mini
  30. Difference repair gorilla glass with uv glue and without glue uv gel
  31. Differences between UV ovens ultraviolet flashlights to dry uv gel glue
  32. How to use the machine separates glass gorilla glass from cell phones and tablets
  33. How to change broken glass samsung trend lite s7390L
  34. How to change the screen of a galaxy S2 Skyrocket sgh-i727 (broken lcd display)
  35. Use of molds to glue glass gorilla glass in cell phones
  36. How to change broken glass rear camera galaxy s5
  37. How to change the screen asus nexus 7




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