Full course of IP surveillance cameras – analog and digital (U$D)


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Total duration of the course surveillance cameras: 7 Hours, 65 Minutes.
Number of MB: 8739 (8.73 GB)

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In this course (which includes Video, Text and Exam) we explain how to install and configure analog and digital cameras, as well as see the cameras through the internet on your computer and on cell phones, we explain in depth the part of networks both in theory and in practice so you can carry out your installation without problems.

Security at your home is something fundamental that you can not neglect and buying and installing the right kit is vital for your well-being.



Titles that are seen in this course:

Exclusive Content:

1: Switch installation, differences between rackeable and desktop
2: Wiring of separate NETWORK vs wiring by the electrical installation
3: Security in the network – Wifi vs Wired

PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)

  1. Intro
  2. CCTV What does it mean?
  3. Types of Surveillance.
  4. Types of cameras.
  5. Types of CCTV Lenses and Sensors.
  6. Different forms, Indoor and Outdoor.
  7. PTZ and IP cameras.
  8. Pro’s and Cons (NVR, DVR, Software and PCI)
  9. Resolution of Analog and Digital Cameras.
  10. Frames per second.
  11. Type of Data Transmission (Coax Cable, Network Cable, Wireless, etc)
  12. DVR and NVR.
  13. Recording modes.
  14. Client Expectations and Networking
  15. Legality.
  16. Tips before buying equipment.
  17. UPS.
  18. Basic Security
  19. CCTV Unboxing, Hard Disk Installation (Practice)
  20. Connection, Configuration and Start-up of CCTV (Practice)
  21. How to Configure the Internet Connection: Router, Modem, IP’s, Ports.
  22. Configuring different Routers (Practice)
  23. Advice when acquiring Router or Cablemodem.
  24. How to restart the NVR or Remote Camera.
  25. Router Testing (Networks)
  26. Technique to improve your Modem Adsl Router.
  27. Operation of a Router, NAT (Networks)
  28. Different Types of Router (Networks)
  29. Thorough configuration of Router Linksys (Networks)
  30. Routers To Work VS Homemakers (Networks)
  31. Choosing the best WiFi signal for your Clients (Networks)
  32. Learning to use TP-LINK Router (Networks)



Exclusive Content: Management of Routers and Switchs + Mini Class of Networks.



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