Housing hosting for server / Miner / Rig rent 6 unit

$780.00 / month

NOTICE (READ REQUIRED): If you do not want to read the entire description of the product and prefer that Gabriel do it for you, you will be charged $ 105 per hour and you can also clear all your doubts.

BEFORE OBTAINING YOUR PRODUCT / SERVICE: For security reasons you must send an invoice of your telephone number (either cellular or landline) that is in your name, or any other service that is in your name and that is verifiable (false data will be reported), if you use the email of another person (either a family member, friend, etc.) you must also present the invoice of that person, if you do not comply with these rules the product or service will not be delivered.

Requirements for servers: (answer the following questions)
1- Does the server need public ip or do you want it to be behind a firewall?
2- What upload speed is necessary?
3- How many data (GB) will you be transmitting monthly?


What should I do when obtaining this service?
You must provide the POOL with which you will use the equipment to mine (either Antminer or RIG), if you do not know what this is the cost to configure everything and let it work properly is $ 100.

All the equipment will be in your data center with cooling.
Access by VPN to your team 24 hours.
Super internet and electricity connection stable all year round.

1- You do not have to worry about where you are going to have all the equipment working
2- You do not have to worry about the sound and all the heat they generate.
3- You will have the best price in the world when buying the components, for example video cards, motherboards etc.
4- You will not have to worry about the payment of the shipment of the products or customs to arrive in your country.
5- At the moment you want to update the equipment you can sell it within the same WhatsApp group or on Ebay and we send it wherever you want.
6-In the price you see here you have all included (insurance + electricity + internet and basic maintenance)

If you want to come visit the facilities you are welcome to do it whenever you want.


The electrical cost depends on the equipment you want to hire.
Example Antminer s9 $ 92.16 (1600 watts) electric cost $ 0.09 kWh, monthly electricity.
Payment for equipment maintenance $ 150.

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