Investment in RIGS (GPU) or Miners (antminers) – U$ 1000



IMPORTANT: The 50 dollars that are paid here in the store are only to enter the group, they are not taken as part of payment of the investment, the minimum amount to invest is 500 dollars. To pay the rest of the investment send the money here:

Problems that we try to solve in this proposal:

Problem: Many people want to enter the mining business in order to have bitcoin or any other type of digital currency, but not everyone has the space, enough money and the necessary resources to operate all the equipment to be able to generate these coins virtual, another problem is the buying equipment outside the US, is extremely expensive.

Solution: For people who want to start in business and do not have much money, we give you the possibility that you can participate and start growing, you can generate money using these digital coins and be able to advance economically. In order for the miners system to function properly, it is necessary that they walk in a controlled environment (temperature), internet connection and stable electricity throughout the year.

The investment of RIGs (exclusive computers for mining GPU) or ASIC miners, with the money collected we will put a poll on what people want to buy and we will have the machines running 24 hours, in a safe place with 24-hour surveillance hours, alarm, insurance (in case of theft, fire, or some catastrophe) and a good internet connection.
1- Once the 10 thousand dollars have been collected, it will be invested in ASIC / MINERS according to the consensus of the group. The GPU RIGS (video cards) and the ASIC miners (approximate cost $ 5000 each or more depends on the demand, so that with a group of 10 people you can buy one of each)

2-Payment of the profits will be at the end of the month or at the end of the 30 days, each one has to write in the online excel the WALLET will be provided of the one that will be mined.

3-All participants will be in the WhatsApp group generated and all discussions will be public so that there is transparency in everything that is done as well as the excel there all payments are recorded and all the people in the group will have access to same to be able to verify the payments that were made to each one.

Recommendations: Look at all the videos you have access to when making the purchase and download the JAXX application (wallet) on your cell phone and computer to receive the crypto currency at the end of the month.
Objective: Achieve to reach 10 thousand dollars or more, the person who wants to invest more can do it and will receive more because everything goes according to the percentage of the total, the more money is collected more ASIC / Miner GPU can be purchased and more crypto currency will be generated.

IMPORTANT: If you are in a hurry to invest and when you want to start working immediately, this is not for you, keep in mind that organizing the group and that everyone pays, leave your data and start the investment takes time and we can not control that (there are people who take a long time to deposit, leave their data, etc …) and the whole group is affected, besides logically having to gather all the people to fill the quota. Normally, group coordination can take 15 days.

What are GPU Mining equipment?
GPU platforms allow you to extract altcoins. Some well-known examples of altcoins include coins such as Ethereum and Monero. For a full range of coins that can be extracted using GPU platforms, visit If you wish, we can change the currency that mines your machine.


FAQ (frequently asked questions).

1-What covers the $ 50 (dollars) that I am paying?

That is to pay the administrative time to manage the group, and after the payment you would have to send to the amount to invest or send by Western union.

2- In which currency are the prices?

Always Dollar.

3- How do I know how much I will earn?

That depends on the equipment to buy, as prices vary always go to

4- Are you going to discount something of the total generated?

If the cost to pay the electricity (approximately 0.08 cents, price may vary in the future) + the cost of maintenance etc.

5- How long will I receive money on the investment?

The monthly profit will be for life, as long as the equipment continues to work or it needs to be renewed in a few years.

6- How long can a GPU or miner ASIC rig last?

Normally this type of equipment usually lasts for years without any problem if one keeps it at the indicated temperatures and a methodical cleaning. The biggest problem for example is in the increase of the difficulty of crypto currencies, For example today 2018 the last miner for bitcoin is the Antminer S9 of 13th, the more people buy this type of products the more difficulty grows. So if one buys an old equipment for old equipment an Antminer S3 or S7, they will generate very little BTC and the power consumption is the same from an old equipment to a new one, so I recommend to update the equipment every time there is a new one .

7-What currency are we going to mine?

Normally the one that generates more money, so one can recover the money as soon as possible. ROI (return on investment)

8- How long it takes to recover the investment?

It depends on the value of the currency to be mined and the equipment that is purchased.

9- Ok, I understand that I take a percentage of the mined, But when I take it monthly?

Suppose we are going to mine BTC then an Antminer S9 generates $ 1000 per month and the GPU rig for ETH generates $ 1000 as well (this is an example only figurative and with round numbers for quick comprehension.) We have a total of $ 2000 each participant would take $ 200 in the value of the crypto minus the maintenance costs. In the case that you have invested $ 1000.

10- Will they pay me in dollars?

No. We’re just going to send you the cryptocurrency coins generated.

11- Is this business risky?

Like all investments, there is an risk factor. Do not sell your property or take out loans to enter this business. Use the money that you have separately that is exclusive to invest.

12- What kind of risk are you talking about? (question 11)

Type of risks:

a-If the difficulty of the mining increases, the amount of crypto currency that is going to join will be lower.

b-If the price goes down it will be less profitable. (Usually at the beginning of the year is when the crypto coins are better and mid-year and ending is when the coins are worth more).

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp at: + 1-859-878-2615


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