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Course duration: 8.27 hs.
Number of MB: 14440 (14.4 GB)

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LIVE Transmission and Recording Course

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In this course we will see all the techniques, products and softwares that we can use to make a live transmission for example on Youtube and then the video saved in our account for later reproduction.
Help to share our show live or video on social networks.

You will also see the basic and advanced basics of video recording in general, use of cameras (multiple cameras), recommendations, etc.

Basic use of chroma (to be able to place backgrounds behind us, be it images, videos or just a color)

How to show the computer screen that we are using to viewers in real time, such as inserting logos, separators and watermarks in the middle of our transmission to be able to advertise or, for example, show that we have other channels and social networks.



Exclusive Content:

  1. How to convert any video file to pro res to work in Final Cut Pro
  2. How to record videos in maximum professional resolution
  3. How to do to work MP4 in Final cut without distortions
  4. Difference between codecs and video quality
  5. Danger of using the wrong SD memory
  6. What differences between the different HDMI to SDI adapters
  7. How to add a remote control to Sony video cameras
  8. How to convert any video file to pro res to work in Final Cut Pro
  9. How to have a clean HDMI output
  10. How to transmit live with a surveillance camera
  11. What camera brands do I recommend?
  12. Differences between multi-cameras by Hardware or Software
  13. Differences between HD 1080p webcam and camera with HDMI output
  14. Dedicated Hardware vs Computer
  15. Pro and against 360 cameras
  16. Programs to go live using your PC or MAC
  17. What is the difference between the different HDMI connectors and their care
  18. What is an SDI connector and its pro and cons
  19. What program and computer do you need to edit in 1080p and in 4k?
  20. Support post sale of BlackMagicDesign Rolland Cerevo

PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)

  1. How to build an APC rack and the installation of blackmagic server and equipment ATEM switcher
  2. How to connect multiple cameras to go live on youtube with ATEM Production studio 4k
  3. How to connect several camcorders to your PC for YouTube Live
  4. How to set up and start up video switcher Blackmagic design Atem studio 4k
  5. How to record videos in maximum professional resolution
  6. How to start asking for products to make reviews on youtube or blog
  7. How to stream YouTube, Facebook and other social networks with your camcorder and Vidiu Pro
  8. How to install a camcorder on the roof ceiling
  9. How to have excellent audio when you make video tutorials
  10. Guide to be able to do streaming on youtube or facebook
  11. The best 4K camera with stabilization for youtuber
  12. Review of blackmagic hyperdeck shuttle and my opinion guide
  13. Roland video switch review and tips
  14. Teams to make live programs on youtube (theory and practice) Cerevo LiveWedge
  15. What is the best camera for Youtubers and do tutorials?




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