Pack 3 Courses – PC Technician, Cellular Repair and Computer Networks (u$D)


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In this pack with 15% discount we deliver the courses: PC Technician, Computer Networks and Cellular Repair.

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Computer Technician Course:

Exclusive Content:
1- Learning windows graphics environments – OSX and Linux
2- How to handle with the clients of the 90 in computer science
3- Entry level vs high-end
4- From novice to professional and master
Chapters (COMING SOON)
Chapter 1: The path of computers
Chapter 2: Operational Procedures
Chapter 3: The Visible PC
Chapter 4: Windows Visible
Chapter 5: Visible Networks
Chapter 6: Microprocessors
Chapter 7: RAM’s
Chapter 8: BIOS
Chapter 9: Motherboards
Chapter 10: Power Sources
Chapter 11: Rigid Disk Technologies
Chapter 12: Implementing Rigid Discs
Chapter 13: Removable Media
Chapter 14: Installing and Updating Windows
Chapter 15: Full Windows Overview
Chapter 16: NTFS, Users and Groups
Chapter 17: Windows Maintenance and Optimization
Chapter 18: Working with the “command line” interface
Chapter 19: Troubleshooting Windows
Chapter 20: Input devices
Chapter 21: Video
Chapter 22: Local Networks
Chapter 23: Wireless Networks
Chapter 24: The Internet
Chapter 25: Multimedia
Chapter 26: Laptops
Chapter 27: Mobile Devices
Chapter 28: Printers
Chapter 29: Securing Computers
Chapter 30: Virtualization
Chapter 31: The right PC for you
Chapter 32: The Complete Computer Technician


PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)

1- Technical computer course introduction
2- Integrity and honesty in a computer technician to be professional
3- Adaptability and versatility
4- Communication with the client
5- Sensibility communication
6- Communication between client and computer technician
7- Positive communication with customers or employees
8- Respectful communication
9- Accusatory answers
10- Customer expectations and follow-up
11- Delivery time
12- Documentation to the PC repair terminal
13- Follow-up after PC repair
14- Avoid ESD electromagnetic discharge
15- EMI and RFI problems and interference solutions
16- Personal protection in a computer technician
17- Basic tools for PC technician
18- How to look for problems in a PC
19- What is a computer and its misinterpretations
20- The 3 parts of computers
21- The 3 fundamental stages of a computer
22- Because it is important the processes of the computer
23- Components and connectors of a PC
24- The 5 common functions between operating systems
25- Learning Windows OSX and Linux graphics environments
26- File structure in Windows – Linux – OSX
27- 3 execution points of the operating systems – Windows – OSX-Linux
28- What is a processor and how does it work?
29- Difference between RAM memory memory and storage memory
30- The different models of processors and a little of their history
31- What are the multipliers of the CPU clock
32- What are the 64-bit processors?
33- What is the virtualization support in a processor
34- What it means parallel execution in a cpu
35- What is hyperthreading?
36- What is the cache memory in a CPU processor?

Complete course of Computer Networks:

Exclusive Content:
1: Switch installation, differences between rackeable and desktop
2: Wiring of separate NETWORK vs wiring by the electrical installation
3: How to save the information of the terminals efficiently
4: Patch panel & rosettes tooless or crimpeo
5: What do I have to see on a NAS before buying it?
6: What version of Windows should be installed in a company?
7: Security in the network – Wifi vs Wired
8: Uniformity of computers in a network
9: How to have all computers under control in a company
10: Difference between NAS and a file server with windows server
11: What a difference there is between original and pirated software
12: How to create VM file sharing between windows linux and OSX

PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)
Chapter 1: Introduction.
1- Introduction to computer networks
2- Why bother making a network?
Chapter 2: Life on the Net.
3- Use and implementation of shared folders in a network
4- Good practices for the use of shared folders
5- Differences between clients and servers
6- Differences between dedicated servers and peers
7- What things make a network work?
8- PCs are no longer personal
9- What is a network administrator and its functions
10- How to diagram and organize a computer network
11- What is a name and how is it used in a network
12- Logging into a network or logging into a network
Chapter 3: Understanding TCP / IP.
13- How the SUBNET or subnet mask works
14- DHCP differences between exclusions and reservations
15- Model OSI explanation with examples in the 7 layers
16- Introduction to binary numbers
17- Introduction to ip networks
18- The different types of Ethernet network cables
19- Basic guide for setting up a network network course Networking
20- IP address classifications
21- What is subnetting?
22- What is dhcp?
23- The 5 functions of the dhcp
24- What is dhcp lease time?
Chapter 4: What is all this? cables, switches and routers.
25- What is ethernet?
26- Theory of armed rj45 straight and crossed
27- What is a router and its different types (Soho, Enterprise and Industrial)
Chapter 5: Setting up a wireless network.
28- What is WiFi and its derivatives
29- Introduction to Wireless waves and frequencies
30- What is an Access Point and how to use it
31- what is the infrastructure mode in AP and how it works (access point)
32- What is a wireless network adapter?
33- Have more WIFI power with tachables antennas
34- What is the ad hoc mode?
35- What is WDS?
Chapter 6: Installing a Server.
36- 5 fundamental things before installing windows
37- History and introduction to Windows nt 4
38- History and introduction of Windows 2000 server
39- History and introduction of Windows 2003 server
40- History and introduction of Windows 2008

Cellular Repair Course:

Exclusive Content:

  1. Android vs Iphone client
  2. Cellular brands that should be repaired
  3. Entry level vs high-end
  4. What cell phones should be repaired?
  5. From novice to professional and master
  6. The client must save the data before the repair of the cell phone or PC
  7. How to care and maintain – Body – mind – soul – family and money
  8. How to get known and publicize your business or entrepreneurship
  9. How to deal with the clients of the 90s in computer science

PUBLIC CONTENT (Available on several You Tube channels)

  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 change gorilla glass screen (service display screen)
  2. Why repair the cell phone with or without gel? theoretical class on Samsung Galaxy
  3. Important when buying Gorilla Glass for Samsung Galaxy Series.
  4. Basic tools to disassemble a cell phone KIT tool
  5. How to get the glue on the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note I and II, etc).
  6. Precautions when changing the glass gorilla of the galaxy s3, note, etc
  7. Keep your cell phone charge all day (pocket charger).
  8. How to increase the battery life of your galaxy with just a few clicks!
  9. Galaxy full screen change s4 (full display frame replacement)
  10. Scratching cell phones with glass gorilla testing resistance
  11. Use infrared thermometer to change gorilla glass of cellular
  12. change glass gorilla glass iphone 5c
  13. Placing the GLUE UV LOCA in galaxy S3 step by step (glue)
  14. Review riffbox box for cell phone and electronic repair
  15. Removing the label from the cell phone without breaking it
  16. Placing the UV gel glue LOCA in galaxy S4 step by step
  17. Quick solution when your iphone does not charge
  18. Changing broken glass gorilla glass galaxy note 3
  19. Removing glue uv gel in cell phones gorilla glass
  20. Change the flex pin port of the galaxy note 2 charge when your cell phone does not charge the battery
  21. Use of separator plate lcd glasses gorilla glass for cell phones
  22. Check the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy cell phone (display touch)
  23. Change of the galaxy fame touch glass (touch gorilla glass)
  24. UV Gel glue remover solder (cell phones and tablet)
  25. Changing Galaxy Note 2 silver-plated case (when unpainted)
  26. Change screen LCD display nexus 4 LG e960
  27. Flex extension of mobile screens
  28. Disassembly and change of LCD screen LG G2 d806 D802
  29. How to change motherboard galaxy s3 mini
  30. Difference repair gorilla glass with uv glue and without glue uv gel
  31. Differences between UV ovens ultraviolet flashlights to dry uv gel glue
  32. How to use the machine separates glass gorilla glass from cell phones and tablets
  33. How to change broken glass samsung trend lite s7390L
  34. How to change the screen of a galaxy S2 Skyrocket sgh-i727 (broken lcd display)
  35. Use of molds to glue glass gorilla glass in cell phones
  36. How to change broken glass rear camera galaxy s5
  37. How to change the screen asus nexus 7

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