VIP Group of WhatsApp for online purchases (u$D) (Annual Payment)


Do you want to make wholesale purchases of electronics and generate extra profits? You are in the right place


Buy whole pallets of electronics, get exclusive offers from GabakUSA!

Acquiring this service you will have access to:

1- Exclusive group by WhatsApp for purchase – sale.

2- When you see offers in a Garage Sale, things will be published in the group and you can quickly find out what you can buy to take advantage of the price and get a benefit by re-selling things, or keeping them.

NOTICE: If the purchase is greater than U$D 1,000, the commission will be 10% of the total value of the product
If the purchase is less than USD 1,000, the commission will be  U$D 100.

This group has Standard priority, therefore Gabriel’s answers will be within 12 hours.

If you want to be in the Premium VIP Group with HIGH priority the cost is higher, but the answer is within 10 to 30 minutes.



If you want to enter the group of purchases you would have to send $ 1000 (as credit so you can buy in techliquidators, etc) to have a minimum account + $ 120 to have covered all year of the purchase group subscription.

$ 100 will be charged for each purchase + shipping cost.

The money that you send to Gabak LLC remains in the form of credit and we do not make refunds of the pending money, the money that you have paid as credit remains in favor for the next purchase.

Requirements: DNI (national identity document) or ID. Some service that is in your name or the person who will make the payment. If you are a minor you can also participate but you need to send the information of the tutor or parents who are in charge of making the payments. Have a courier and a POBOX post office box in Miami (or some other place in the USA) to send the merchandise. (And if you do not search in google, Courier from USA to X “country where you reside”

Send DNI or ID to

The DNI or national identification card, must be in color and must be a photo or scan in good quality, the photo should not be blurred and all letters must be legible, EXAMPLE:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) I do not have a credit card, how can I buy online?

You can make the payment by Western Union and we will buy for you. The money will be sent to Gabriel Barrandeguy in the state of Ohio. In that case you will have to pay $ 120 (dollars), when you go with your local currency to Western Union, they will make the conversion automatically. The only data WU asks is Name, country and state to send the money.

2) How to contact me with Gabak to help me with a shipment of pallets?

You can send me a whatsapp to + 1-859-878-2615 (remember to add the PLUS sign)

You have to indicate what offer you want, pay the amount that corresponds to me, pay for the shipment and that’s when I just started the process of sending you things.

3) What are the mandatory requirements to buy wholesale with Gabak?

I am going to ask for your ID or identification of your country, or service with your full name, your physical address or PO Box in Miami. (If you do not have a box to be able to take one or we send you everything for FEDEX)

4) What things should I keep in mind if I want to acquire this service?

It is advisable to have at least $ 1500, more than anything to take advantage of offers or settlements of complete pallets and also for extra expenses such as shipping. That money will be used only to invest, refunds are not accepted for this or that problem. Another tip is to go to and look at the ads well. You also need to buy access to the WhatsApp VIP group, it costs $ 120 (annual) and the people with whom I do business will be and I will soon include offers as well as accept suggestions and orders. You have to send me in advance, via Paypal or Western Union, the money of what you want to invest. At the same time you have to send me the link of the purchase indicating with precision that you want to be offered. Then you give me the address where you want me to send you things or post office box. All these steps are necessary, otherwise I do not perform the service.

5) What are the fees?

$ 100 will be charged for each purchase + shipping cost. Garage purchase costs $ 55 per hour. Buy at LETGO or Facebook Market so you can find something in particular $ 100 (maximum 30 miles around)

6) I want to buy EVERYTHING! As I do?

I recommend the first time buy something small and send it to you, and you see how everything goes, if things go well to your country. If everything goes well, then if we buy everything you want.

7) How long is the merchandise stored in the warehouse?

10 days maximum. After 10 days, 10 dollars per day will be charged for storage. The idea is that the merchandise flows where it has to go and that you have time to buy other auctions and send everything together.

8) Can you try the merchandise before they send it to me?

If it is possible to do that, but it will be charged separately, $ 60 an hour. In the case that they are less than 4 units if we can do a super basic check without charge, if it is not sent in the same way that arrived.

9) Can I share the pallets with other people in the group?

If you can do it and generate new business or sell what you bought to other people in the USA or what you want to do with your merchandise.

10) I do not have Courier to bring me things, how do I do it?

There are hundreds of courier for each country, and to be able to look for one I recommend that you search in Google “courier from USA to Mexico” (Mexico replace it with your country)

11) What is better for Fedex, DHL, UPS, to bring things to my country?

If you want what you have bought, it will arrive now! and do not mind paying more, then FEDEX or one of those, is your answer.

Now if you want to buy several things or heavy things and do not want to pay a lot, it is convenient to hire a courier, as I mentioned before.

12) If I sent you money to buy something and then I regret the money back?

Answer is: NO !, Gabak LLC is not a bank where you can deposit your savings and then take them out whenever you want, if you are not sure to start better do not do anything and do not register, this wholesale group is for people who are committed to progress in life and move forward. The money you send is left as credit and you can buy through us whenever you want.

13) Can you give me some couriers so I can call and find out prices and services?

I can not recommend you or put your hands on the fire for any of them, find out and ask for references







USA to España:

Europe to Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA and Peru:






Costa Rica, Honduras San Pedro and Tegucigalpa, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua:

14) Is the payment to remain subscribed to the shopping group on WhatsApp annual?

If you must pay a annual $ 120 to stay in the group, if you want to cancel your subscription you must give 30 days notice and generate a ticket: calling for the cancellation, giving your contact details: Email, Phone with which you entered the group and proof of payment of the previous months, NO cancellations of subscriptions are made by external messages such as WhatsApp or email, they are only made through the ticket system.

15) If I lose my cell phone / number that I do?

We can not keep track of all those active in the group’s own responsibility to notify (from any possible means: email, support ticket new phone number) you lost or changed your number so you can add back to the group , claims for return of months already paid are not accepted if not notified at the same time of the loss.

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